Wet – Melon Menthol Iced


Introducing “Wet Melon Menthol Iced” – a delightful e-juice blend that combines the succulent sweetness of honeydew and cantaloupe with a refreshing blast of menthol ice. Experience a tantalizing fusion of melon flavors, perfectly chilled to create a cool and invigorating vaping sensation. Let the refreshing blend of melons and icy menthol take you on a flavor-packed adventure with every puff.


Wet E-Liquid – Melon Menthol Iced Features: 


  • Flavor Profile: Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Ice
  • Available Nic Strength: 3 MG
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70 VG/30 PG
  • Bottle Size: 100 ML
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • Freebase Formulation
  • Made In USA

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Introducing “Wet Melon Menthol Iced” E-juice, a refreshing and tantalizing vape blend that combines the essence of juicy honeydew, succulent cantaloupe, and a cooling blast of ice. This delightful e-liquid offers a perfect balance of fruity sweetness and invigorating menthol, creating a truly enjoyable vaping experience.


Imagine taking a bite into a ripe and luscious honeydew melon, with its juicy flesh bursting with flavor. The natural sweetness of the honeydew is complemented by the addition of juicy cantaloupe, adding depth and complexity to the overall taste. These two melon flavors come together harmoniously, forming the backbone of this delicious e-juice.


To enhance the vaping experience and provide a cool twist, a refreshing menthol kick is added to the mix. The icy sensation wraps around the melon flavors, creating a soothing and invigorating effect that leaves a refreshing aftertaste. The menthol adds a touch of freshness to the overall profile, making Wet Melon Menthol Iced a perfect companion for those hot summer days or whenever you desire a chilling vaping sensation.


This E-juice offers a smooth and satisfying throat hit, allowing you to savor each puff without any harshness. The clouds produced by this blend are thick and aromatic, filling the air with a delightful aroma that matches the taste.

Warning: This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.


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Wet – Melon Menthol Iced

Availability: 3 in stock